A Bridge Over Troubled…Wait, Did You See That? Run!!!

A Battle Plan and Free Map for the Final Encounter in DDAL10-04 Cold Benevolence


The path back to Wyrmdoom Crag leads up into the foothills of the Spine of the World across barren and windswept plain a of ice and rocks. Auril’s mood turns foul and a howling blizzard sets in with blinding snow and wind. Ahead in the darkness of the snow a bridge comes into sight spanning a chasm.

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Here there be spoilers. DM eyes only lest ye be cursed!

Setting the Scene

The weather is howling white out conditions which restricts visibility to 30 feet and imposes disadvantage on ranged attacks.

Allow the characters to start the encounter just as the bridge and chasm come into view through the blinding snow.

See below for tips on how to set up the blinding blizzard effect in Roll20.

Frostclaw’s Battle Plan

Frostclaw's Battle Plan
She will drive her enemy onto the bridge where they will slughtered [insert evil owlbear roar]

Frostclaw and the wolves are expert hunters and will work together to bring down their quarry. Her plan is to have the wolves drive her enemies onto the bridge where she can trap and kill them with her Icy Breath.

Due to the blizzard, Frostclaw and the wolves can only be detected with DC 24 Wisdom (Perception) check and only if a character moves within 30 ft. of one. 

Adjust the number and mix of wolves and dire wolves to the party strength but make sure there are enough wolves behind the party to drive them onto the bridge toward Frostclaw.

  1. The Howling
    After the characters have had a few moments to inspect the bridge or as soon as they start moving toward it, the wolves behind them start howling. The dire wolf lets the party catch a glimpse of it as a large shadow on the edge of their vision. Could that have been Frostclaw? The party should feel encircled with the bridge the only way out. 
  2. Roll Initiative!
    If all goes according to plan (haha-as-if!), the characters should take defensive positions on the bridge. Give Frostclaw a low initiative so she can go after characters have moved onto the bridge.
  3. Bring the Hammer
    Frostclaw will charge to try to bottleneck the bridge and open with her icy breath to catch as many enemies as possible.

The Battlemap

40x30 Battlemap for DDAL10-04 Cold Benevolence
40×30 Battlemap for DDAL10-04 Cold Benevolence.

Click here to download. Right-click to save or click the sharing arrow in the top right corner.

Blinding Blizzard Effect in Roll20

This is a great way to add to the terrifying atmosphere of the battle. My players hate-loved it [insert evil laugh].

(May require a paid Roll20 account)

Map Settings:

  1. In the Dynamic Lighting tab turn Dynamic Lighting ON
  2. Turn Daylight Mode OFF

Each Player Token Settings

  1. In the Dynamic Lighting tab turn Token Vision ON
  2. Turn Night Vision ON
  3. Set Night Vision Distance to 30 ft.
  4. Set Night Vision Effect to Dimming 

Monster Tokens:

  1. Put the monster tokens on the GM layer so they can’t be seen unless spotted.

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