Credits, Copyrights, and Shout Outs

Copyrights are everything to artists and creators. I try hard to respect the work of others and Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks!

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Dungeon Masters Guild

I buy, run, and review adventures and other D&D 5e supplements from I link to the original work whenever possible.

2-Minute Tabletop

Ross is a fantastic illustrator. I use his furnishings illustrations for my dungeon decor. Please go check out his stuff and buy some.


I use a combination of DungeonDraft and other image editing software to make my maps.


I’ve spent a lot of quality time with especially in the past year. I’d like to thank them for that. I use screenshots of games to illustrate articles.

D&D 5e Statblock Generator

This is a great tool to stat homebrew and tuned up monsters, which should be most of you monsters anyway, right?


I’ve purchased and used these token sets in my Roll20 games because they look awesome. You might see some in screenshots of battles we’ve fought.

Ddraig Goch’s Samhain Undead Pack 1

Author: Kiel Thompson

Boss Monster Token Set 8

Author: David North

Devils of the 9 Hells: Pack 1

Author: Riley Owens

Devils of the 9 Hells – Pack 2

Author: Riley Owens

War Machines

Author: PogS Props