How to Perfectly Size Maps for Roll20

Step by step tutorial to installing and sizing your maps to the grid.


Alright buckaroos! I hear you. Setting up battlemaps in Roll20 can be a pain in your simulacrum’s butt (I assume you would not stoop to dirty your hands with such work). Especially if your simulacrum is trying to get the grid to align with the map. Never fear, this tutorial will show you how to get your page and map size to match and align with the grid.

(Warning: Map spoilers ahead for DDAL09-13 The Swarmed Heart)

Step 1: Upload your map image to your library

  1. Select your Art Library 
  2. Select My Library
  3. Click Upload button. The Upload Files… modal will appear.
  4. Click the Choose a file… button and upload the map image. Your map image should already be sized to an even grid width and height. If it is not check out my other upcoming tutorial on how to do that. Make a note of the map dimensions. All of my maps are good to go with the map dimensions at the end of the filename.
  5. Wait for it, wait for it. Your map file will appear at the top of your Recent Uploads list. In this example, you can see the map dimensions “24×18” at the end of the filename.

Step 2: Add a new page. Give it a kickass name.

  1. Open the Pages drawer and click Create New Page.
  2. Hover over the new page to see the Page Settings gear icon and click it. 
  3. Bonus objective: Give the page a kickass name to strike fear into your players hearts. Let the name slip while everyone is setting up.

Step 3: Set the page size to match the map size

Roll20 Grid and Scale Settings

  1. Enter your map’s grid width and height dimensions into the page’s width and height so they match.
  2. Set the grid scale. This is the in-game distance each grid cell represents. The default 5 ft. scale is correct for most battlemaps.
  3. Click Save Settings and then click the new page to go to it.

Step 4: Set the layer to Map & Background and drag and drop the map image onto it

  1. From the toolbar select the Map & Background layer so your image will be placed on that layer. 
  2. Drag and drop your map image onto the page. Anywhere is fine. It will probably look small and may be stretched disproportionately.
  3. Right-click or Control-Click on the map image to bring up the contextual menu and go Advanced » Set Dimensions.

Step 5: Set the map size

  1. Select Units from the pulldown.
  2. Enter the target width and height. This will size the map image size to perfectly match the page size.
  3. Click Set to save your changes and you should see the map image enlarge to the correct size.

Step 6: Drag the map until the corners match

  1. Align the map with the page by dragging the map (don’t grab it by the corner or it will resize) until the corner of the page and map align. Having the grid enabled should make this a snap. 

Step 7: View your masterpiece

  1. Zoom out to view your masterpiece.
  2. Get back to writing monologues and making overly complicated plans to lure your players into a TPK.

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