Battlemaps for DDAL10-02 Gnashing Teeth and other arctic ambushes


Ready made battlemaps for the combat encounters in DDAL10-02 Gnashing Teeth.


  • Part 2 Trapped Under Ice: A frozen river blocks the path but it looks passable. Running water is visible through holes in the ice giving a clue that the ice may not be very thick. Give the players perception or investigation rolls to avoid the patches of thin ice.
  • Part 4: Pack Hunters: A a narrow path winds through a windswept field of rocks high above the tree line. Patches of loose scrabble make for treacherous footing and large boulders provide cover for ambushes.


  • Ready to use for virtual tabletops like Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds
  • High-quality, un-watermarked JPG files delivered in a ZIP
  • Check the tutorial for how to size maps in Roll20
  • Save yourself time prepping maps