DDAL09-13 The Swarmed Heart Hellwasp Nest Battlemaps


Battlemaps for all 3 layers of the hellwasp nest and the Hellwasp Horde encounter in the DDAL09-13 The Swarmed Heart adventure. The maps represent levels A, B, and C for the cross-sections given in the adventure notes. Avernus is a brutal place and even cuddly hellwasps need a home.

Level C has pools of sticky hellwasp cruor to make the terrain especially treacherous. We recommend a DC 15 Strength save or be restrained for any character that enters a pool.

Tokens are included for the Hellwasp Queen and the new Hellwasp Soldier monsters.

  • Ready to use for virtual tabletops like Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds
  • Save yourself time prepping maps
  • High-quality, un-watermarked JPG files delivered in a ZIP
  • Grid size is 24×18 grid squares
  • Check the tutorial for how to size maps in Roll20
  • Tokens for the Hellwasp Queen and Hellwasp Soldier monster

Read the article for DM Notes on the maps, running the adventure, and the monster stats.