DDAL10-06 Fallen Star Battlemaps & Handout


Battlemaps for DDAL10-06 Fallen Star adventure.

  • Part 1: Cold Meal – 20 x 20
    • Patches of ice create a slipping hazard. I suggest having characters make a Dexterity (Athletics) DC 12 check or fall prone when they step onto the ice on a turn. Give them advantage if they move half-speed. The cave denizens are used to the ice and have no trouble moving across it.
  • Part 3: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures – 30 x 30
    • A wide open field with a few boulders and trees for cover. A frozen stream creates an ice hazard.
  • Part 4: The Er’lir Fezrrega’l
    • 40 x 40 map for the mountain mountain encounters in Part 4. A barely visible path runs along a wide ledge on the mountain. Snowy cliffs tower above and fall off below. Boulders and rubble create cover and difficult terrain.
    • 20 x 20 map for the cave encounter in Part 4. It’s rude to interrupt something when it’s eating!
  • Player handout for choosing their route through the mountains.
  • Ready to use for virtual tabletops like Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds
  • Check the tutorial for how to size maps in Roll20
  • Save yourself time prepping maps
  • High-quality JPG files delivered in a ZIP