DDAL10-07 Into Darkness Battlemaps


Battlemaps for DDAL10-07 Into Darkness adventure.

Included maps:

  • Part 1: Descent into Darkness – 12 x 30
    • A 30 ft. wide tunnel is tight quarters for an ambush. Large boulder/stalagmites create obstacles and opportunities for cover.
    • The rocky terrain can be difficult terrain.
  • Part 3: The Bitter Truth – 30 x 30
    • The trail of of the missing goliath hunters leads into a circular courtyard with sharp fang-like protrusions of the green glass extending toward the center.
    • Trails of larger footsteps charge in from from the East and West and into what was obviously a terribly terrible massacre.
    • The larger footprints, now dripping with blood, head out to the North.
    • Not good. Not good at all.
    • Don’t forget the entire area is difficult terrain due to the ice and gore.
  • Part 4: Infinite Terrors – 50 x 30
    • A wide avenue through the horribly horrible city of Xorvintroth can be used to track the relative positions of the players as they run for their lives.
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